Tuesday, January 17, 2012

How a child molester killed my illustration.

Every 3 months I get to do the illustration for the contest page of Bluecanvas magazine, so with the January 2012 issue arriving I had the idea of doing a homage to J.C. Leyendecker's New Year Baby. Every year Leyendecker would do a New Year Baby on the cover of Saturday Evening Post as so:

I thought I would add a bit of a modern day twist giving the baby a mohawk and with the rise of street art in the fine art world I thought it would be cool to have a naked baby bombing a wall which lead me to this illustration:

My art director wanted me to change up the hair to not make the baby too dark so I switched that up and I ended up with something I really liked:

Unfortunately the approvals were going on right when the Sandusky news was happening and the sponsor was not feeling the naked baby (pun!) and graffiti (damn). So they asked that I add some clothes to the baby and get rid of the graffiti. Done and done.

But in the end even that wasn't enough and the whole idea was killed and I ended up having to paint this:

I took out everything that mentioned the sponsor in the illustrations above just in case you thought I was a horrible designer that left gaps everywhere, and I just thought they wouldn't want their name on any of these anyways. Damn you Sandusky.